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Online e-yacht Booking System Application, The major real time booking engine for yachts

Freely promotion for your fleet

Now, very simply you are able to promote your fleet online free where hundreds unique daily charterers and Brokers / Affiliates searching for yacht charter availabilities through e-yacht platform

No registration fees or any other costs

Your registration is very easy and simply without any registration fees or other costs

Payments to owner after booking confirmation

For every confirmed booking through e-yacht platform fully paid to owner - operator bank account or by PayPal immediately

Manage your fleet

Easily manage any information connecting with your yacht(s) (inventory, etc...) through e-yacht platform

Pricing and availabilities on real time

You have full access and authorization to update and upgrade yacht prices, discounts, special offers and availabilities (options. bookings) through e-yacht platform

Immediate information for any confirmed option from affiliate to owner and redirect

Real time update confirms hold option from e-yacht application direct from affiliate broker to owner - operator email account and by sms to mobile phone

Immediate information for any confirmed booking from direct client or affiliate broker to owner and redirect all parties

Real time update confirms booking from e-yacht application direct from client or affiliate broker to owner's email account and by sms to mobile phone and redirect to all parties. No administration costs.

Connect your operating system directly with online e-yacht platform

With new technology we offer API in JSON web service. Is used for serializing and transmitting structured data over a network connection. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and our web application. If you have already your CRM - ERP you can use our API to connect and synchronize with e-yacht platform. No need double work for you and your partners. Be always online with all your partners and customers.

If you use other solution in real time for monitoring and optimizing business processes for your charter company please let us know and our development team will connect your fleet direct with our portal and e-yacht web service application platform.

Enjoy all benefits and give to your clients and  brokers / affiliates the opportunity to be always on real time in contact with you and your fleet.

24x7 e-yacht booking system application uptime

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